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Unboxing ULTRA THIN: Dbmier A4S Portable USB Powered Light Box

ULTRA THIN: Dbmier A4S Portable USB Powered Light Box measures at a sleek 4.5mm of thickness, the slimmest Light table in the field, yet durable which makes it easy to store and carry. With a minimalistic design, the drawing board is great for artists on the go. It is stylish, yet practical at the same time.

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Unboxing Monster M7 Tablet (walmart)

Sorry for the bad light
Monster M7 tablet after testing it for a few hours …. the tablets is good overall but the battery is very bad…. it would die pretty fast…. besides that if your not going to watch online shows or movies online i don’t recommend you buy this, since the battery life isn’t that great, if u just want it for facebook etc…. then go ahead this tablet is right for you, another bad part is there is no Bluetooth which i personally like using bluetooth

I give it 3 out 5

Unboxing Wireless-N USB Adapter

Unboxing Wireless-N USB Adapted and installing… for under $10
300 NBPS
2.4 GHz
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
IEEE 802.11b/g/n

now i order this from now i don’t know if its my computer, because my computer runs on windows 10 that it doesn’t really run that well…. now i did read the Instructions and it does say it works best for Windows Xp/Vista/Win7/Win8/Mac/Luinux so it makes sense

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