Trade Stickers

How This Works:

Pack and ship stickers to:


44214 Lively ave

Lancaster Ca 93536


Along with your stickers send: US Traders: A self addressed stamped envelope, concealed cash (about $2 to cover shipping), or stamps to cover shipping.

International Traders: Well concealed cash (about $3 US to cover shipping). No stamps or self address envelopes.

-When we receive the stickers we will photograph them for the site, package them and send you a pack in a similar size to what you sent.

– Receive stickers + post them up + take pictures of the stickers and post them to the Flickr group or email them to us.

Markers For Stickers :

I also Trade my Stickers For markers ,

send me markers and i will send you stickers & Blank Stickers,

the better the markers the more stickers  & Blanks you get


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  2. I’ve got a Artline100, a Artline90 and a sharpie!
    What could I get for those?

  3. (I’ve only just started doing Graff)

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