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Nazer Street Graffiti

Unboxing ULTRA THIN: Dbmier A4S Portable USB Powered Light Box

ULTRA THIN: Dbmier A4S Portable USB Powered Light Box measures at a sleek 4.5mm of thickness, the slimmest Light table in the field, yet durable which makes it easy to store and carry. With a minimalistic design, the drawing board is great for artists on the go. It is stylish, yet practical at the same time.

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Amazing Spray Painting #4 – Spinning Table

How to draw easy character by nazer

how to draw an easy character

Sticker Packs 5 & 6

Sticker Pack #5
1. Surk (Instagram)
2. Who Knows? (Too Real Website)

Sticker Pack #6

1. USA Army (my Brother Send Them TO Me From the Army)

Chapulin Colorado by Wizard

Isip Artwork

Request Nazer by C3

Request Nazer by Jeba

Graffiti request (acer & deck) by nazer

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