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Printing Stickers

This is how i make so many stickers, i print them, and i color those that need it

Sticker Packs 5 & 6

Sticker Pack #5
1. Surk (Instagram)
2. Who Knows? (Too Real Website)

Sticker Pack #6

1. USA Army (my Brother Send Them TO Me From the Army)

how to draw kat characters

how to draw some kats

Printed & Stencil Stickers by wizard

Order some from my Bigcartel…

New Stickers by nazer

check out Nazer Channel

how to draw 2 headed turtle by Nazer

How to Draw A Full Body Kat Character #1 by Nazer

New Stickers

Kat Characters

Before i make them into stickers most of the time i do them in paper…. here a what i work on

Sticker Update #4

A few stickers i recently made………


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