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Quick Nazer Throw Up

Quick Nazer Throw Up

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Wizard & Nazer Stickers:

Nazer Shrits:

Wizard shirts:

Graffiti Removed By The City of Los Angeles

These are 3 Graffiti that lasted years in the city of los Angeles the city finally removed them…

Saber 5 fwy Los Angeles

MTA Los Angeles River

Saber – Los Angeles River

Street Graffiti From Around The World

Nazer Blackbook #3 (1996 – 1999)

Nazer Blackbook #2 (1996 – 1999)

Nazer Blackbook #1 (1996 -1999)

The Exchange – (EIDO) (NAZER)

An Exchange me and EIDO did a while back….

How to draw Nazer by nazer

Did my name and a small MTSK  bottom from it…


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